The 411 on Preventive Health Care

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  • Try Ditching Sugary Drinks
  • Practice Safer Sex!
  • Quit The Cancer Sticks!
  • Relax, Relate, Release
  • Don’t Forget to Floss
  • April is National Minority Health Month!
  • Why Preventive Care Matters to African-Americans
  • Obamacare and Preventive Health
  • Why Wait Until Your Sick?
  • Eat More of a Plant-Based Diet
  • Get Your Sweat On!

Quit the Cancer Sticks!

While Blacks are less likely to develop lung cancer, we are more likely to die from it. One way to reduce our risk is by not smoking. Remember: If you don’t succeed the first time, keep trying at it. Read these tips to help you get started. 

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