Ladies, Make Your Health a Priority

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  • We Tend to Put Our Health Last
  • How Obamacare Strengthens Women’s Overall Health
  • Obesity and You
  • Protect Your Ticker
  • Think Pink!
  • Get a Pap Smear
  • Know Your Status
  • STDs Are No Joke
  • Get Your Sugar Under Control
  • Quit Them Cancer Sticks
  • Pledge to Be a Well Woman!
  • Why Your Health Matters

Obesity and You

It’s estimated that almost 75 percent of Black women are either overweight or obese. While no one is suggesting we be stick thin, having too much extra weight puts us at an increased risk for chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers. Reconsider your diet and try easing into a workout routine. 

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