The 411 on Teen Pregnancy

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  • African-American Teens and Abortion Rates
  • Babies Having Babies
  • How Teen Pregnancy Impacts Your Life
  • Why You Deserve Sex Ed
  • Fellas’, This Is Your Problem Too
  • African-American Teachers Are Great Role Models
  • Reading Can Prevent Teen Pregnancy?
  • Why is Birth Control so Expensive?
  • Pregnancy Shouldn’t Be Your Only Worry
  • It’s OK to Say No
  • Get the Facts!
  • Teen Pregnancy in the U.S.
  • But the Bad News…

How Teen Pregnancy Impacts Your Life

Motherhood is a great thing, but only when you are ready for it. Being a teen mom greatly reduces your chance of finishing high school and going to college. Not to mention, being a teen mom significantly increases your chance of working low wage jobs and living in poverty, compared to teens that are not moms. 

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