The 411 on Teen Pregnancy

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  • Babies Having Babies
  • How Teen Pregnancy Impacts Your Life
  • Why You Deserve Sex Ed
  • Fellas’, This Is Your Problem Too
  • African-American Teachers Are Great Role Models
  • Reading Can Prevent Teen Pregnancy?
  • Why is Birth Control so Expensive?
  • Pregnancy Shouldn’t Be Your Only Worry
  • It’s OK to Say No
  • Get the Facts!
  • Teen Pregnancy in the U.S.
  • But the Bad News…
  • African-American Teens and Abortion Rates

Why You Deserve Sex Ed

A whopping 80 percent of teens surveyed said they hadn’t received any form of sex education. How can you prevent pregnancy and delay sex if you really don’t understand the basics? FYI: Sex ed doesn’t promote sex, it actually delays it.   

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