Health Rewind: Why Don’t Blacks Want Genetic Testing for Alcoholism?

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  • Blacks Worry About Privacy With Genetic Testing for Alcoholism
  • Promoting Kidney Health at Black Family Reunions
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  • Study: Organic Foods May Be Healthier
  • The Nickel in iPads May Cause Rashes
  • New Program Helps Reduce Dating Violence Among Teens of Color
  • Study: Even A Little Alcohol Is Bad for Your Heart
  • WHO Wants for All Gay HIV-Negative Men to Take PrEP
  • Researchers to Study Effects of Lead Exposure in African-American Women

Promoting Kidney Health at Black Family Reunions

The National Kidney Disease Education Program has created the Family Reunion Health Guide to help discuss kidney health, heart disease and diabetes. The guide encourages families at these gatherings to talk about their health history and risk factors in hopes that sharing this information can help people get tested and make lifestyle changes, says a press release

 (Photo: Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Corbis)

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