Ebola: What You Need to Know

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  • How is it Transmitted?
  • Why Now?
  • How is Ebola Treated?
  • What is Being Done?
  • Should We Be Worried?
  • Nigeria Confirms 1 Ebola Death, 5 Cases
  • Saudi National Being Tested for Ebola Dies
  • American Aid Workers Cured
  • New Ebola Cases in DR Congo
  • “Losing the Battle"
  • 090314 Health the 411 on Ebola Spreads to Senegal
  • Third American Sickened by Ebola
  • Third Sickened Aid Worker Flown to Emory
  • Africa’s Outbreak
  • What Is Ebola?
  • Why is Ebola So Deadly?
  • What Are the Symptoms?
  • How Long Before Symptoms Show

How Is Ebola Treated?

There is no cure for Ebola. Currently, people are treated for the symptoms; including fluids for dehydration, oxygen for those who have issues breathing; meds to control fever and blood clots; and antibiotics. Treatment works for almost 40 percent of the people infected with Ebola. 

(Photo: AP Photo/Samaritan's Purse)

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