Fabolous Shares First Photo of Newborn Son Jonas

Fabolous Shares First Photo of Newborn Son Jonas

The rapper also shares a touching message about fatherhood.

Published June 24, 2015

Black fathers typically get a bad rap by their community for allegedly dropping the ball when it comes to parenting, so it’s important to highlight and celebrate the heartfelt moments that come from fatherhood. Fabolous recently welcomed his second son, Jonas, with girlfriend Emily B, and in honor of Father’s Day, the rapper shared a first photo of the infant on Instagram.


In the photo, the newborn clings to his father’s chest while older brother Johan hugs the sleeping baby. In the photo’s caption, Fab shared his thoughts of absent Black fathers and why it’s so important for him to be an essential part in his children’s lives.

“I come from a generation & environment where Fathers weren’t very present in the lives of children for whatever reason. Some being drugs, prison, relationship issues, lack of finance & just plain immaturity, but the job/role of Daddy is just as important as a Mom,” he wrote. “Men need to understand that. I know & believe that bcuz I come from a single parent home. And even tho the mothers & sometimes grandparents do they best to provide & raise children a lot of times something’s missing. And as a child we find something or someone else to be that Father Figure. Could be the streets, hip hop, sports coach, teacher, hustlers, & even vices we pick up that teach, instill, & mold us. Fathers are supposed to be there for that & help lead the way.”

“Are Fathers perfect, NO. But no one is & no responsibility requires you to be perfect,” Fab continued. “With that said I love being a part of my kids life & see no other way. I don’t like to advertise my personal life much for the sake of trying to keep something for US, but I do hope the glimpse men get to see of me being a father inspires & motivates. To all Father’s & those soon to be, #HappyFathersDay #TrueKingsRaiseNewKings #PrinceJoso #PrinceJonas”

How sweet is that?

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(Photo: Fabolous via Instagram)

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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