Will There Ever Be Another Lauryn Hill | Discuss

Will There Ever Be Another Lauryn Hill | Discuss

Published August 31, 2010

Phenomenons aren't created, they are born. From the moment Lauryn Hill appeared on the scene, there was no doubt she was something special. Not only was she a better MC than her partners in the Fugees, but she could sing, too. Really sing. Although her talent was undeniable and fans urged her to go solo, it took Lauryn some time to come to the same conclusion. Even when she won five Grammy Awards in 1999, she still seemed stunned, never forgetting that she was a regular girl from Jersey.

With "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill," she tapped into topics and issues that resonated with millions of women across the world. Since her absence, there hasn't been another female MC who's had the same kind of impact. Or has there?

Tell us below. Do you think there will ever be another Lauryn Hill? Click on the comments section and leave your thoughts.

Written by Mimi Valdes


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