Lil Wayne's Name Mixed Up In $250 Million Drug Bust

Young Money CEO has nothing to do with packets of heroin branded "Lil Wayne."

Posted: 12/14/2010 05:07 PM EST
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Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's name is at the center of a $250 million drug bust, but the rapper's not in danger of being charged or going back to prison.

Word is cops found heroin stashed in the side panel of an SUV bound for Newark, NJ. The drugs were labeled, "Lil Wayne." A police dog was reportedly called in to conduct the search and found the dope in a secret compartment.

"The driver had no driver's license," cops said. "We at that point decided to call for a narcotics dog, conducted a sniff test and sure enough right away, on the exterior of the vehicle, he had a positive reaction. This might pose a danger to the distributor himself, depending on the level he's on. Whether he's a mid-level or lower-level or he's actually the main guy, somebody's losing money right now."

In related news, Lil Wayne recently premiered his first song since being released from Rikers Island, "6'7" featuring Corey Gunz. Click here to listen.