Gucci Mane Released

Gucci Mane Released

Gucci Mane was cuffed but never arrested.

Published December 17, 2010

It turns out Gucci Mane was cuffed, but never arrested.

As previously reported, cops raided Waka Flocka Flame's Atlanta home yesterday and cuffed Gucci. Though reports spread that prostitution may have been involved, Debra Antney, Waka's momager and Gucci's manager, says the prostitution talk isn't justified.

"It had nothing to do with prostitution," Antney told MTV News. "The weapons they found were licensed weapons. There was under an ounce of marijuana, but it was nothing but a blunt. The other drugs were medication that was in Waka's room from when he got hurt," Antney told MTV, in reference to Waka's shooting earlier this year.

While Gucci's a free man, the little brother of producer Lex Luger was reportedly arrested.

"They just locked up Lex Luger's little brother, because he had a little joint or something, so they took him," Antney told GlobalGrind. "They're just trying to find anything that they could find, they cut that boy's closet up. This is crazy!"

It is unclear whether authorities are searching for Waka.  

Written by Carl Chery, Staff


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