Foxy Brown's Longtime Manager Quits

Foxy Brown's Longtime Manager Quits

Published January 5, 2011

Foxy Brown's perpetual troubles may have become too much for her longtime manager to handle.

Bernadette Brennan managed Fox Boogie through a seemingly endless number of court dates, but the Brooklyn femcee's latest Twitter rant against Brennan was apparently the last straw.

"It's always sad when an artist has everything they need at their fingertips but still displays such self-destructive behavior," Brennan told the New York Daily News. "I hope she gets the help she needs. I was one of the few people in her corner."

Fox apparently doesn't see it that way. The rapstress kicked off the year by tweeting that Brennan was a "thief" and vowed to sue her.

"I will see all yall snake motherf------ in court!!!" Brown tweeted Dec. 31. Hours ago she wrote, "FOX is NOT affiliated with Bernadette Brennan or anyone else mentioned in that ficticious article" in reference to an Allhiphop piece she claims is inaccurate.

Meanwhile, Brennan plans on suing Fox for over $100,000 for various expenses, including studio fees.

This doesn't mark the first time the two have been at odds. Reports surfaced that Brown fled the scene after fighting Brennan and other people in the lobby of Brennan's midtown high-rise this past summer.

Written by Carl Chery, Staff


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