T.I. Learns a Hard Lesson in Prison

T.I. Learns a Hard Lesson in Prison

Published January 6, 2011

Things got a little out of hand when singer Tiny went to visit her husband, rapper T.I., who is currently serving time in Arkansas State Prison.

According to TMZ, prison guards caught the couple engaged in a sexual act during regular visiting hours this weekend. Tiny confirmed the incident and told the web site her husband was reprimanded immediately before being sent to a "special housing unit." She hasn't spoken to T.I. since this happened, but she hopes that she'll be able to visit again soon.

Prison guidelines stipulate that visitors can kiss and embrace at the beginning and at the end of a visit. They can hold hands, but the inmate's hands "must remain in plain view." Tiny must have taken that to mean she can put her hands wherever she pleases.

Written by BET-Staff


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