Nas on Tape

Published January 18, 2011

Remember way back when mixtapes were actually mixes on tapes? When a pencil, a radio and a quick trigger finger (not an iPod and a broadband connection) were the key ingredients for amassing a carefully curated personal song collection? Ever have nightmares of unraveled magnetic spools? Nas does.

In a new eight minute video for cassette maker TDK’s "Chronicles” web series, the legendary rapper from Queensbridge waxes nostalgic about being a music lover in the late ‘80s and early ’90s – a.k.a. the halcyon days of tape. More diminutive and pocketable than an LP or a CD, the now cult-beloved format is synonymous with the golden era of hip-hop.

TDK, one of the largest manufacturers of the format, is wisely resurrecting warm music memories with its "Chronicles" series. Check out Nas’ entry, in which he discusses his parents’ influence, basement parties, the lost art of dubbing live broadcasts and more.


Written by Reggie Ugwu


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