Eminem's F-Word Escapes CBS Censors At Grammys

Eminem's F-Word Escapes CBS Censors At Grammys

Published February 14, 2011

It wasn't the first time music fans have heard Eminem say the F-word. But when it escaped CBS censors last night (Feb. 13) at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards, it probably surprised a few conservative types. Though the Grammys was busy bleeping stuff out all night, it missed the F-bomb that Em dropped during his performance of "Love The Way You Lie."

Unfortunately for CBS, it isn't the network's first offense. Back in 2004, the network took the heat for airing Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the SuperBowl. They were subsequently fined $550,000, and are still fighting the FCC over it.

CBS was on point when it came to bleeping out Lady Gaga's "Holy Sh*t" during her acceptance speech and renaming Cee-Lo's Grammy-nominated hit "(the song otherwise known as 'Forget You')" every time it was mentioned. But Eminem's slip may cost them. Ironically, when Jamie Foxx was introducing Cee-Lo's performance, he jokingly teased the F-word each time he said "Forget You," but that might not be so funny to the executives anymore.


Image:  Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Written by Kim Osorio


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