Fabolous' Girlfriend Defends Playing Background Role In His Career

Emily B Of Love and Hip-Hop Says Fabolous "Is The Star"

Posted: 03/17/2011 11:05 PM EDT

In an interview with HipHopWired, Emily B of the new Vh1 series Love And Hip-Hop opened up about her new gig and addressed critics that have accused her of putting her boyfriend Fabolous' career before her own.

"I feel like if I had to play the background, to where he's at then I was fine with that. I didn't need to be in the spotlight because he's the star, not me."

When asked about how one of the Hottest MC's in the Game reacted to the show's premiere, B said, "He's very private...going in I didn't know that so much would be talked about him. It's a reality show so they wanna pick you for drama and they wanted to pick me for everything that was bothering me and they got me."