50 Cent Slashes Price on Hard-To-Sell Mansion

50 Cent can’t sell his home, so he cut the price.

Posted: 03/25/2011 06:14 PM EDT
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50 Cent

Things may be popping when it comes to his film career, but 50 Cent is having no luck selling his 52-room Farmington, Connecticut, mansion. He originally put it on the market back in 2007, less than four years after he bought it from Mike Tyson’s ex-wife for $4.1 million. Initially listed at $18.5 million, it has languished with no serious takers. Now he has reduced the price to $10 million in hopes of unloading it.

Dubbed the “Playboy Mansion of the East,” the 50,000 square foot home sits on 17 acres and boasts thee wings, 19 bedrooms, a recording studio, a home theater, a shooting range (of course), a private helicopter pad, indoor and outdoor pools, a gym and a nightclub, complete with stripper poles.

It sounds enticing, but it seems no one is willing to pay for a massive home that—between handling property taxes and keeping those poles nice and shiny—experts estimate costs $450,000 a year just to maintain. But the price tag isn’t keeping everyone out: two men were arrested last December for breaking in to have a look around.