Kool G. Rap Gives Props To Rick Ross

The veteran rapper says you have to be a standout MC for him to listen.

Posted: 04/05/2011 04:40 PM EDT
Kool G. Rap

When it comes to hip hop, you'd be hard pressed to find an artist who doesn't respect Kool G. Rap. The legendary rapper from Queensbridge, N.Y., who has contributed gems such as "Poison" and "Ill Street Blues" to the game is often cited as an influence among 21st-century rappers. But when it comes to today's generation, who has got Kool G. Rap's attention?

"My ears are more tuned in to Rick Ross. He's got a great pen game. He’s somebody in the generation of now that I wouldn’t consider just a fly-by-night artist," G. Rap told BET.com in an exclusive interview. "He’s more on my radar because I think he’s a similar artist."

G. Rap says today's hip-hop market is oversaturated, and he doesn't really listen unless a rapper stands out. Even with artists like Nicki Minaj or Drake who have been extremely successful, G. Rap feels as though it's too early to tell. "I hear Lil Wayne records and stuff like that. I have listened to his album. Not so much Drake. Not so much Nicki. Because they are even newer than Lil Wayne to me. Lil Wayne kinda been in the game for a minute with Cash Money and all that.... But, naw, I haven’t made a conscious effort to hear what Drake is doing."

Kool G. Rap will drop his own Riches, Royalty and Respect on April 19, his eighth studio album, which reunites him with producer Marley Marl.

(Photo: Kool G. Rap Myspace)

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