Bon Iver rocked a handful of songs, and Pusha T was unleashed for "Runaway."

The megastar spoke little during the show, but got emotional toward the end, saying that he dreamed of performing "Power" on stage at Coachella while he was writing it, and that he considered the show the "most important" he has done since his mother passed in 2007.

The set was laced with hits that spanned Kanye's entire career, opening with the "H.A.M." instrumental, "Dark Fantasy," and "Power," before moving into classics like "Flashing Lights," "Say You Will," "Through the Wire" and "All Falls Down." He closed the festival on a poignant note, slowing things down for the de-facto eulogy "Hey Mama." See videos of the performance, which was streamed live on YouTube, over at

As mentioned previously, 'Ye wasn't the only hip hop star that graced the stage at Coachella. Lauryn Hill also performed in a stop on her increasingly prolific comeback tour, and Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell Williams, Lil B and Odd Future brought additional heat to the sun-drenched proceedings.

Things didn't go smoothly for all though. In one notable hiccup, a late flight caused Cee Lo Green to be 30 minutes late to his set, leaving the crowd irritable and jaded. After he finally arrived, cursing the set time the festival had given him, Cee Lo played a handful of songs before going over his allotted time with a cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'." Mid-song, the Lady Killer's sound was cut-off by management, and he was forced to storm off stage amid boos from the audience.


(Photo: Kevin Winters/Getty Images)