Frankie Arrested for Drug Possession

The reality television star is in trouble with the law once again.

Posted: 04/29/2011 01:10 PM EDT
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Frankie Lons, the mother of R&B singer Keyshia Cole, has landed in jail again. 


According to TMZ,  the troublesome Celebrity Rehab star was detained by the police yesterday [April 29] after a routine traffic stop resulted in the discovery of “drug-related material,” a direct violation of her probation. 


Frankie is being charged with a misdemeanor for possession and probation violation. She remains behind bars this morning. 


Law enforcement said, a warrant was out for Frankie’s arrest for failing to appear at a mandatory court date related to her probation earlier this month.


Frankie rose to moderate fame when she made her television debut on the popular BET reality series Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. A fan favorite on the show for a wildly entertaining and unruly persona, Frankie starred in the short-lived spin-off Frankie & Neffe in 2009 before becoming a cast member on VH1's Celebrity Rehab.

(Photo:  Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)

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