Musiq Soulchild Visits 106 & Park To Talk About Keeping Soul Music Alive

The crooner says he'll do whatever it takes to reach the soul fans he knows are out there.

Posted: 05/02/2011 08:53 PM EDT
Filed Under Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild visited Rocsi and Terrence J on 106 & Park Monday (May 2) night to talk about his new album MusiqInTheMagiq and remind his listeners that soul music will always be here. When asked why he refers to himself as a "soul singer with a heart of gold," on Twitter, Musiq said it is because he is tolerant of the lack of love for soul music he encounters. "I'm very tolerant with all the attention that's being put on so many other things except soul music," he said. "Which actually motivates me to do that much more to try to get it to more people as possible because I know y'all out there. Soul music supporters." The new album is out tomorrow (May 3.)

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