Ledisi Premieres New Single "Shut Up"

Ledisi Premieres New Single "Shut Up"

The diva from the Big Easy tells haters to zip it on new single.

Published May 3, 2011

Today (May 3), Grammy-nominated singer Ledisi dropped the latest single off her forthcoming album Pieces Of Me on Okayplayer. On "Shut Up," the New Orleans native firmly tells the haters to step off and zip it on top of the track's uptempo groove. "There are people around being negative and they always got something to say. They say, 'you'll never be what you want to be and you'll never get but so far.' I'm trying hard, gotta hold my tongue, times like this I wish I really could say, I wanna tell 'em shut up," she sings. This is the second single off Led's sophomore album, dropping in June. "Before I started working on this album, I had to figure out what I wanted to offer, not only musically, but also spiritually and mentally," she said in a statement about the album. "That meant I had to finally embrace the totality of me. Now, I know that I am a great woman and I have much to offer to this world." Head over to Soulbounce to listen to the track and let us know what you think of Ledisi's latest effort.

Written by Lauretta Charlton


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