Mary J. Blige And Swizz Beatz Debut 'It's You'

Mary J. Blige And Swizz Beatz Debut 'It's You'

The pair drop a snappy summer single.

Published May 9, 2011

Mary J. Blige has collaborated with Swizz Beatz for a new song entitled "It's You." 

"Everyday it's you, I don't want no one but you," sings Mary on the track's hook. 

"It's You," which sports happy synths, a smattering of keys and a repetitious drum knock, is reportedly from Swizz's upcoming sophomore solo album Haute Living. While there was no official release date for Beatz's upcoming LP at press time, rumor says his collection is scheduled to hit shelves by late summer of this year. 

The producer-cum-rapper's first album One Man Band Man was released in August 2007. Mary J. Blige's tenth studio album My Life II: The Journey Continues will hit shelves on September 20. 

Photo: Jeffrey Ufberg/Getty Images

Written by Hillary Crosley


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