Lady Gaga Loves Her 'Hair'

Lady Gaga Loves Her 'Hair'

The singer drops a new single.

Published May 17, 2011

Lady Gaga wants you to love her hair and her, er, "Hair."

On Monday (May 16), the pop singer introduced her new single, "Hair" via iTunes and talked up the track on Twitter before it's release. "Hair" is the latest peak at Gaga's highly-anticipated album Born This Way.

" 'I'll dye living just as free as my Hair!' Actually the lyric is 'I'll die.' I think these bleach fumes are making me laugh at my own jokes," Gaga tweeted earlier today. 

"I just want to be free, I just want to be me, and I want lots of friends that invite me to their parties. #Hair. ... I don't wanna change, and I don't wanna be ashamed," she continued on Twitter. "I'm the spirit of my Hair, it's all the glory that I bare. I am my #Hair. ... How ironic, head full of bleach + two black Cruella stripes. Scalp burning, Mole drawing, eyeliner dripping. Waiting for #Hair. I could Dye."

The uptempo track follows Gaga's theme of self-love and self-acceptance, which are heralded throughout her previous singles "Judas" and "Born This Way."

Gaga's sophomore LP Born This Way hits shelves on May 23.

(Photo: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Written by Hillary Crosley


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