Soulja Boy Talks About His Love For Diamond

Soulja Boy Talks About His Love For Diamond

The 20-year old rapper says his new girlfriend is a pillar of strength.

Published May 31, 2011

Soulja Boy has a pillar of strength in his corner, and her name is Diamond. Though this is his first true public relationship, the rapper seems very comfortable talking about his feelings for his current girlfriend. In a recent interview with The Boombox, SB got deep when he was asked about his relationship with Diamond.


"She's an added plus just for me, period. She supports me. She loves me. Everybody needs love, everybody needs that support in their corner,' said Soulja Boy. Having recently lost his little brother in a car accident, the pretty boy with the swag continued to open up about his newfound love. "With all the stuff that's going on with me as being Soulja Boy and my personal life, and in the world in general, the whole world needs love."


Soulja Boy also revealed that talking to Diamond, as well as his mother and his grandmother, has helped him to stay grounded and humble. "I look at everybody like they're equal and just show love and be loved, that's really all I can do," he said.


Written by Kim Osorio


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