Lil Boosie Accused of Threatening District Attorney

The incarcerated rapper lands in more prison drama.

Posted: 06/21/2011 02:36 PM EDT
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Lil Boosie

Louisiana rapper Torrence "Lil Boosie" Hatch can't seem to stay out of trouble. Although he's already in jail serving time for a third-offense marijuana possession charge and is also facing an additional first-degree murder charge, he's managed to come under fire for allegedly making threats against District Attorney Hillar Moore and the DA's office. 


State Police spokesman Lt. Doug Cain confirmed the allegations. "I can confirm that we received information relative to a credible threat against District Attorney Hillar Moore and the District Attorney's Office," State Police spokesman Lt. Doug Cain told The Advocate.


Cain also revealed that Boosie's May 26 arrest for attempting to smuggle codeine syrup into the Louisiana State Penitentiary was a result of the investigation into the threat. 


Hatch has complained repeatedly about Moore in the past, even mentioning his name in his music. Boosie's lawyer wants the D.A. thrown off his case, citing that he has a personal interest in the Baton Rouge rapper. Hatch is due back in court tomorrow, June 22, on his motion to remove the District Attorney's Office from the murder case. 


Although investigators have yet to be able to substantiate the threat, the case is still open. 

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