Erykah Badu Becomes DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown on New Mixtape

The multi-talented artist preps the release of a dance project.

Posted: 06/28/2011 05:35 PM EDT
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Add DJ to the list of things that Erykah Badu can do. Correction—for her latest project, Badu will go by the name DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, and release a mixtape that she categorizes in the dance realm.


Back in December, Badu came from behind her microphone and took to the turntables, introducing her alter ego, DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, at a party in her hometown of Dallas. Now, she's ready to take her deejaying to the next level with a new mixtape. According to, Badu promises that her mixtape will "melt any DJ's face off." Badu is functioning as both the DJ and producer of the project.


This past Friday, Badu once again stepped into her DJ persona at the Key Club in Los Angeles, where she deejayed for the "Black Girls Rock and Soul Tour" at a BET pre-Awards dinner.

(Photo:  Terrence Jennings/PictureGroup)

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