Estelle Talks New Album, Success of UK Singers

The singer shares details of next LP with

Posted: 07/11/2011 11:38 AM EDT
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Estelle Talks New Album, Success of UK Singers

With her soulful new single seducing the airwaves, singer/songwriter Estelle is preparing to release her upcoming studio album, All of Me. The lead single “Break My Heart,” which features rapper Rick Ross, is gaining serious momentum, and is a tune that was sparked by circumstances surrounding a past relationship, Estelle tells


“['Break My Heart'] was written about the start of a relationship that I'm no longer in. I think I have a knack for phrasing things a certain way that's blunt but still feels musical.”


And that skill is what fueled the structure of her entire album; an emotionally-charged LP that Estelle said fans can expect to be “acute” and authentic. “Every song has emotional attachments to it—whether happy or sad, melancholy or joyful.”


In addition to her collaboration with Janelle Monae and Common, Estelle also hooked-up with producers like No ID and long-time Fugees trackmaster Jerry Wonda to spice up the album.


Besides being excited about the release of  All of Me, the “American Boy” singer took the time to express her sentiments about the current success of fellow British songstresses Adele and Marsha Ambrosius. “We've [Brit girls] been winning across the world for a number of years now, so I'm happy to be able to do a third album and still be in the game.”


Estelle is currently on the road promoting All of Me, which is set for release later this year.




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