Kanye West & Jay-Z Know How to Say Thank You

Rappers gave custom Rolexes to engineers on their album Watch the Throne.

Posted: 07/15/2011 09:16 PM EDT
Filed Under Jay-Z, Kanye West

Kanye and Jay, what can we do for you? That's what anyone who crosses the paths of these hip hop titans will be saying once they get a load of the way they express their gratitude. Hov and Kanye gifted custom gold Rolex watches to three behind-the-scenes guys (including producer/engineer Mike Dean, who posted a pic of the watch on his Tumblr page) who worked on their collabo album Watch the Throne. The time pieces were engraved "W.T.T., From Kanye & Jay"

Considering Kanye and Jay's gift is worth more than most people make in a year, expect a lot of people to be holding open doors for them in the future.

(Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images)

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