Lady Gaga Goes Drag for New Song

The Pop star’s alter-ego will grace cover of new single.

Posted: 08/07/2011 04:19 PM EDT
Filed Under Lady Gaga, Beyonce

Lady Gaga switches looks faster than a stick shift driver going down a winding road.


Soo, fans will get to see her in a totally different way, as a dude. The Huffington Post shows photos of the 25-year-old in short black greasy slicked-back hair with a cigarette dangling from her lips. The masculine character even has side burns and facial stubble.


According to the site, this image may be the one she uses for her next single cover "Yoü and I."


While her friend Beyoncé, 29, has sex kitten Sasha Fierce, Gaga has the drag king Jo Calderone. On her Twitter page, the pop star tells fans she will release the video for the single when she posts her 1,000th tweet.

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