Kanye’s 15-Minute Freestyle Captivates Audience in Poland

The WTT emcee gets long winded at Coke Live Music Festival.

Posted: 08/24/2011 08:22 PM EDT
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Kanye West

Kanye West may be best known for his clever lyrics, tight production and award show shenanigans, but earlier this week, he made his mark on the freestyle world. While performing a set at the Coke Live Music Festival in Krakow, Poland, the Louis Vuitton Don performed an impromptu extended version of “Runaway” that lasted more than 15 minutes.

He “sang” the entire thing using the autotuner, and focused on relationships. He began with warnings to women that his compliments are insincere, then moved to how he makes the wrong decisions about women. The main through line was “If you love someone tonight, hold onto them real tight.” Maybe ’Ye needed a few minutes to exorcise some demons.

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