Bruno Mars Suing Music Publisher

The platinum-selling pop star wants out of his contract.

Posted: 08/30/2011 11:52 PM EDT
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Things aren't all hair gel and soda pop in the world of Bruno Mars. The pop star is suing his music publisher, Bug Music, Inc., over his current contract, TMZ reports.

The hitmaker behind B.o.B.'s "Nothin' On You" and Bad Meets Evil's "Lighters" claims Bug Music has violated the stipulations of his contract by refusing to let Mars out of his contract, even though Mars claims he had completed the requirements of his contract.

According to Mars, he fulfilled the terms of his agreement with Bug (to deliver a certain number of songs), but Bug failed to renew the terms within the specified amount of time, giving the "Grenade" singer the opportunity to bail.

Bug claims, however, that Bruno Mars has yet to complete his assigned contract, which gives them access to 50% of the copyrights to his music.

So…could this mean no more new music from Bruno until the case is resolved in court? We know at least one guy who wouldn't mind.

(Photo: Adrian Sidney/PictureGroup)

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