Actress Impersonates Nicki Minaj In Music Video Parody

Actress Dania Ramirez thinks the Young Money Queen is all "A$$ and T!tties."

Posted: 09/04/2011 10:25 PM EDT
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Actress Dania Ramirez may have a bone or two to pick with Miss Nicki Minaj. In a rather hilarious music video parody, the Sopranos actress impersonates the Harajuku Barbie performing a song simply titled "A$$ and T!tties." Ramirez bounces around in a pink wig and fake a$$ doing her best Minaj while homegirl Mena Suvari takes on Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga. The song itself is a bit of a clunker, but Ramirez does a pretty good job of channeling some of Minaj's now iconic facial expressions (my personal favorite is the "OMG, watch me blink, y'all" look.) Is Ramirez trying to start beef with the queen of Young Money or simply doing what all true Minaj fans dream of--pretend to be her? Watch the video and decide for yourself.