Chris Brown’s Parking Tickets Dismissed

Chris Brown’s Parking Tickets Dismissed

Breezy catches break on 95 citations.

Published September 9, 2011

Chris Brown's lawyer just earned himself a nice bonus.

The R&B star, who was recently taken to court for a long string of citations he received for parking in a handicapped space at his L.A. condo, just had 95 of 117 parking tickets dismissed by a judge.

Brown's lawyer, Mark Garagos, was successful in his argument that the handicapped spaces Brown was using were actually his property, and therefore available for use as he sees fit, under the deed of his condo.

The parking drama was central in a long list of complaints that Brown's fellow condo owners had filed against the singer, including those regarding loud late night parties, dog racing in the hallway and at least one count of vandalizing an elevator. The "Look At Me Now" singer previously claimed that his neighbors were conspiring to "incriminate" him.

(Photo: David McNew/Getty Images)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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