Kid Cudi Joins The Knux in Music Video

Kid Cudi Joins The Knux in Music Video

The hip-hop-rock-pop video is part of a new wave of music.

Published September 10, 2011

The Knux has been around since 2007 and their sound has remained unique in an industry flooded with songs that fit a template. Their newest video, "Run," premiered on, and follows a New York City model as she travels through her not so glamourous life. She starts her day face down on a couch and ends it the same way, but the bouncy guitar riffs and lyrics provided by the two brothers almost make you forget, as she does, what her life is really about.

Kid Cudi added vocals and a verse to the song, proving that he's sincere in his move from typical hip-hop to a more rock-like genres. The directors of the video, BBGun, have worked with Cudi before on Day 'N' Nite and have also worked with a host of other artists including J. Cole, Fabulous and Busta Rhymes.

Head over to The Knux website to see the video and hear more from this highly underrated group. Their newest album, Eraser, is due out on September 27. You won't want to miss it.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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