Rihanna to Appear on Next Coldplay Album

The band’s lead singer confirms they nabbed pop star for mega collaboration.

Posted: 09/14/2011 02:47 PM EDT
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Rihanna has worked with some of pop and hip hop's biggest stars in her career, from Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z. But soon the Barbadian chanteuse will be adding a song with one of the world's biggest rock bands to her repertoire.

Coldplay front man Chris Martin told The Sun that he recruited RiRi for a special guest appearance on the band's upcoming concept album Mylo Xyloto.

"The album is designed as a whole piece. It has boy and girl lead characters and top of our list for the girl part was Rihanna, but it took a while to pluck up the courage to ask her," he revealed.

Martin said he met Rihanna in Vegas and did his best to charm the 23-year-old, recently elected by Esquire as the Sexiest Woman Alive, into appearing on the song "Princess of China."

"We did a show in Las Vegas and I met her and said, 'Do you think there's any chance?' I was very Hugh Grant-like and spluttering about it."

According to Martin, once the two were at work in the studio, the pairing made for a pleasant contrast.

"She has such an amazing voice and it's so different to mine,"

Coldplay collaborated previously with Rihanna's mentor, Jay-Z, on the 2009 song "Lost."

Mylo Xyloto is in stores October 24.

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