Lloyd Banks Says He'd Work With Nas, But Not Game

Lloyd Banks Says He'd Work With Nas, But Not Game

The G-Unit rapper says he'd push aside years of bad feelings for Nas.

Published September 19, 2011

Despite years of ill will between 50 Cent, the G-Unit camp and Nas, rapper Lloyd Banks recently said he'd push through the drama and collaborate with Nas in the future. This marked the first time a G-Unit member has said they'd work with the Queensbridge rapper.

"I don't know" Banks answered MTV's Sway after an audience member asked if he'd ever work with Nas. "I'd be down for it though. Yeah. Nas is a legend."

What was once a good friendship between Nas and 50 Cent turned sour in 2000 when Nas replaced 50 Cent on a Jennifer Lopez single while he was in a hospital recovering from nine gunshot wounds. Apparently this offended 50 who said that Nas should've talked to him about it first. The relationship took another hit after Nas became more involved with Murder Inc.

But despite his willingness to mend that bridge, Banks was quick to turn down any possibilities of a collab with former G-Unit member Game with whom the label has had an ongoing feud since 2005.

"No, I already knew what it was," Banks quickly answered. "I've been doing this for ten years. No."

Would you be interested in a Lloyd-Nas collab?

Written by by Dorkys Ramos


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