Rappers Weigh In On Mayweather VS Ortiz Fight

Hip-Hop goes viral in the champ’s defense

Posted: 09/18/2011 05:59 PM EDT
Filed Under Big Sean, Nelly, Tony Yayo

Floyd Mayweather’s controversial quick fight against Victor Ortiz has lots of folks talking. Hip-Hop artists, in particular, are outraged some think the boxer fought dirty.


Shortly after the match, in which the Welterweight champ tells Larry Merchant, “I got hit with a dirty shot,” Big Sean tweets, “If Floyd cheated then y he got the belt. That N*gga Floyd was attentive and smart. If it's legal u can't hate. Ortiz did him dirty if anythn.”


AllHipHop.com reports G-Unit’s Tony Yayo as saying, “Victor wasn't ready for the big lights why he put his hands down. Stupid move fighting Money Mayweather.”


With a flurry of funny tweets, Nelly writes, “LOLOLOL SEE DATS WAD HAPPENS WEN U CHEAT!!! 1ST RULE IN BOXING PROTECT YASELF AT ALL TIMES!!!!KEY WORD ""ALL""!!!!!!!”


Responding to arguments that Mayweather’s exhibited a lack of sportsmanship, Nelly jokes, “i dont think he knocked his azz out because of the headbutt!i think he knocked his azz out because dude kissed him!!!!LOL (pause).”