Rappers Weigh In On Mayweather VS Ortiz Fight

Published September 18, 2011

Floyd Mayweather’s controversial quick fight against Victor Ortiz has lots of folks talking. Hip-Hop artists, in particular, are outraged some think the boxer fought dirty.


Shortly after the match, in which the Welterweight champ tells Larry Merchant, “I got hit with a dirty shot,” Big Sean tweets, “If Floyd cheated then y he got the belt. That N*gga Floyd was attentive and smart. If it's legal u can't hate. Ortiz did him dirty if anythn.”


AllHipHop.com reports G-Unit’s Tony Yayo as saying, “Victor wasn't ready for the big lights why he put his hands down. Stupid move fighting Money Mayweather.”


With a flurry of funny tweets, Nelly writes, “LOLOLOL SEE DATS WAD HAPPENS WEN U CHEAT!!! 1ST RULE IN BOXING PROTECT YASELF AT ALL TIMES!!!!KEY WORD ""ALL""!!!!!!!”


Responding to arguments that Mayweather’s exhibited a lack of sportsmanship, Nelly jokes, “i dont think he knocked his azz out because of the headbutt!i think he knocked his azz out because dude kissed him!!!!LOL (pause).”

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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