Sean Kingston Jet Ski Accident Caused By "Inexperience"

Sean Kingston Jet Ski Accident Caused By "Inexperience"

Investigators rule that the hip hop singer was “careless” during crash.

Published September 22, 2011

After a three-month investigation, authorities in Miami have declared Sean Kingston's near fatal jet ski accident purely the result of "inexperience" and "inattention," according to a report from TMZ.

Investigators say Kingston, who was hospitalized along with a friend after crashing his vehicle into the Miami bridge on Memorial Day, lost control because he released the throttle while turning the steering wheel. Reading the manual or attending a safety course could have prevented the accident, authorities say.

Though he was listed in critical condition due to the crash, which carried such force that it dented the bridge, Kingston returned home from the hospital on the fourth of July. He appeared publicly for the first time since the accident at the Teen Choice Awards.

The 21-year-old singer received a small fine of $180 for "careless operation in an accident."

(Photo: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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