Game in New Feud With 50 Cent

Game in New Feud With 50 Cent

The rapper promises retaliation on old rival.

Published September 30, 2011

Tyson/Holyfield, Lakers/Celtics, 50/Game: the old hip hop rivalry was rekindled this week after 50 Cent released his new song "Love, Hate, Love," featuring a host of new slights at his former protege.

"You said you was gonna see me when your homie got shot/ It's been a while so I'm guessing you must've forgot/ Once again you forget ain't this some sh**/ You forgot about me b**** I wrote your hits," 50 rhymed.

Never one to back away from beef, Game took a break from throwing jabs at Jay-Z and Kreayshawn and promised to retaliate.

"I'm on tour doin shows but soon as @avanterose find a studio for me I'm killin yo "Planet Of The Apes" face havin ass n**** #MEunit," Game wrote in a tweet directed at 50 Cent's account.

In "Love, Hate," 50 also took aim at Lil Wayne, although Tunechi has yet to respond.

"Why the f*** your pants so tight?/ You trying to show n****s your ass, your alternative life," 50 rapped.

The G-Unit general has a new album expected to be released in November.

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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