Lupe Fiasco Plans DJ Album as Soundclash

The Chi-town emcee tries his hand at DJing before release of new LP.

Posted: 10/06/2011 12:54 PM EDT
Filed Under Lupe Fiasco

Lupe is plotting his next move after the release of his third album LASERS this year, and the alternative-minded emcee says he wants to try his hand at DJing.

“Me and my partner Scott started a dj collective called Soundclash so we’re working on that album right now," Lupe said in an interview with Examiner. "Hopefully we’ll have a single out by Halloween and we'll try and push an album out around that and tour and all that."

After the Soundclash project, Lupe said he plans to drop a mixtape that will lead into his next solo album, tentatively titled Food and Liquor 2.

"There’s a Lupe Fiasco mixtape that’s coming which hopefully we’ll have out before the end of the year and that will hopefully lead up to the next Lupe Fiasco album," he said.

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