Black Thought of The Roots Speaks with Youth About the Music Industry

The event promoted interest in urban arts, music, and culture.

Posted: 10/16/2011 09:23 PM EDT
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Black Thought of The Roots attended this weekend's 3rd Regional Academic and Cultural Collaborative (RACC 2011) in Dayton, Ohio to share his experiences and educate youth about the music industry. Chuck Creekmur, CEO of, and HBO Def Poet Shihan were also in attendance. 

“The event will provide educational and artistic opportunities for urban performing artists and their audiences,” RACC founder Sierra Leone said about the activities. “RACC will allow greater Dayton to experience urban culture from an inclusive perspective that will expose participants to the internal and external workings of the entertainment/music industry. While paving the way to make Dayton, Ohio the epicenter of urban creative arts."

College students, businesses, artists, and the community had opportunities to network and share their mutual interest in the urban arts and music for what will hopefully lead to an environment that promotes education in the field.

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