TufAmerica Label Sues Damon Dash, Mos Def, and Ski Beatz Over Compilation

The label claims the rappers illegally sampled their songs for "24 Hour Karate School."

Posted: 10/16/2011 11:41 PM EDT
Filed Under Damon Dash, Mos Def

Record label TufAmerica has served Damon Dash, rapper Mos Def, and producer Ski Beatz with a lawsuit for a compilation the three released last year. The suit claims that Mos Def illegally sampled "Hook & Sling Part 1" and "Hook & Sling Part 2" for his track titled "24 Hour Karate School" and accompanying music video. TufAmerica says the song was made available for download at the 24hrkarateschool.com website without the proper permission.

The funk/soul/rap label is seeking compensatory and punitive damages and asking that the song be barred from further distribution.

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