Nicki Minaj Originally Wrote "You the Boss" For Lil Wayne

Minaj reveals that Weezy passed on the track two and a half years ago.

Posted: 10/21/2011 07:46 PM EDT
Nicki Minaj wrote originaly wrote boss for Lil Wayne

One man's trash is the next man's treasure. Such is the case of Rick Ross' new single "You The Boss."


While in character as the female version of Lil Wayne on the set of Birdman's "Y.U. Mad" Nicki Minaj told MTV News that she originally wrote Rick Ross' "You the Boss" for her label chief, Weezy.

"You know what's interesting about that song," said Minaj. "Nicki had originally did that song for Wayne two and a half years ago. And then it was just lingering and she gave it to Rick Ross and he passed on it for his first album. And then he just picked it up for his second album. And I think it's hot."

The song is set to be featured on Ross' upcoming album God Forgives, I Don't, in stores December 13.


(Photo: Mark Davis/PictureGroup)