Kreayshawn Torn Between Internet Celebrity and Rap Stardom

"Being an Internet star, you might be more popular than a rap star."

Posted: 11/02/2011 09:23 AM EDT

Kreayshawn, the controversial young rapper from Oakland who turned Internet stardom into a six-figure record deal, is stuck between two worlds. The 23-year-old artist can't quite decide which is more important: online fame or rap fame.

Asked in an interview with the Daily Dot whether she would choose to be an Internet celebrity or a rap star in an either/or scenario, Kreay was vexed.

"Hmm, I don’t know," she said. "I mean, I think the Internet is something that's always moving, so, I mean, being an Internet star, you might be more popular than a rap star."

Kreayshawn, who rose to prominence thanks to her self-made viral video for the song "Gucci, Gucci," admitted to being an "over-tweeter" and talked up her Internet savvy.

"I must say, I'm rather skilled on the electronic side of things," she said.

After experiencing the downside of being over-exposed online, however, thanks to nude cell phone pictures that were leaked earlier this year, Kreayshawn said she had learned to be ever so slightly more cautious.

"Don't send your emails and phone numbers on Twitter and stuff like that. You gotta be more secretive," she said, before adding, "But, f***, what the f*** are you gonna do?" 

(Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)