A.S.A.P. Rocky Is No Fan of New York Rap

A.S.A.P. Rocky Is No Fan of New York Rap

“I don't really f*** with a lot of New York rappers.”

Published November 15, 2011

A.S.A.P. Rocky may hail from Harlem, but don't expect him to represent for other rappers just because they share his zip code. In a new interview with Good Fella Media, A.S.A.P. confessed that he's not really feeling other New York MCs.

"I just don't like modern New York hip hop," he said bluntly. "I liked Dipset, I liked G-Unit--I liked all that sh*t in [that] era. I'm just saying now, today, I don't really f*** with a lot of New York rappers. There's a few that I think is cool but that's about it. Not to say I don't f*** with it but I choose not to listen to it on my own time."

Though he doesn't associate with rappers based on region, Rocky was more partial to fellow artists representing his generation.

"I f*** with everybody who's doing they thing. I'm talking about new, up-and-coming artists," he said. "When you look at me you think of n****s like Kendrick [Lamar] 'cause we all young, we all comin' up. You think of Odd Future and all that other sh*t because everybody's growing up."

Rocky is currently opening for Drake on his Club Paradise Tour along with Kendrick Lamar. His first mixtape, Live.Love.A.S.A.P. was released two weeks ago.

(Photo:  Roger Kisby/Getty Images)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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