Heavy D Laid to Rest

Stars, politicians and family bid farewell to rap star at moving funeral.

Posted: 11/18/2011 02:24 PM EST
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Dwight “Heavy D” Myers was loved by many. The rapper, who died on November 8 from respiratory issues, was laid to rest today at a star-studded private funeral service in his hometown of Mount Vernon, New York.


Among those in attendance were music star Usher, Johnny Gill, Yolanda Adams and Sean “Didy Combs,” who gave a speech about his close friend.


“I had an idea that I wanted to manage Heavy D. The only problem was I didn’t know him,” said Combs, who was sporting a black sling, the result of shoulder surgery. “I just knew we were from the same town. So I made a plan to bump into him. So I would stand on his block hoping he would stop and roll down his window. He would pull up and talk to me and I would be his manager. That didn’t work well, because he kept driving by. But then I found out about a pizza shop he liked. So I would hang out there. My plan worked. I met him at the pizza shop. He was the type of guy to hear you out. I asked him if he would help me meet Andre Harrell so I could get an internship at Uptown. He got me the chance to work with Andre and the rest is history. A lot of our dreams came true, thank god.”


Revarnerd Al Sharpton presented a special plaque from President Barack Obama to Heavy’s 13-year-old daughter Xea Myers. The president penned a handwritten message on the plaque for Xea.


“Don’t sit here crying for Heavy, look at yourself. Heavy wrote himself in the book of time. I come today, really though, to give his daughter something. She will have to deal with the legacy of her father. I brought her something. I want you to keep this, Xea,” said Reverend Sharpton.


In a rather emotional moment, Xea spoke to the audience.


“My father was a wonderful man,” Xea said. “He’s still not in flesh but in spirit and in love. We are here to celebrate his love and passion. I love you, daddy, and we will miss you.”

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(Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)