Lil Wayne's Entourage Accused of Assaulting Photographer

Skateboarding session allegedly turns violent as Weezy's crew is accused of roughing up photog in Miami.

Posted: 04/09/2012 09:59 AM EDT
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(Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Lil Wayne is known for his penchant for skateboarding, but lately the star rapper may be playing a little too rough. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, a photographer in Miami Beach is accusing Wayne's entourage of jumping him, spitting on him and damaging his bicycle during an illicit skateboarding session.

The photographer says he saw Wayne and his screw skateboarding one night and decided to take some photos. They happened to be skating in an area with a large "No Skateboarding" sign nearby. According to the photographer's account, he later followed the gang after it started raining and they headed to their vehicles. That's when Weezy decided he'd had enough.

In a leaked video, Wayne and the photographer can be seen shouting and cursing at one another in the rain. The photographer says Weezy had approximately eight men surround him and intimidated him into deleting photos. He also says they pushed him to the ground, spit on him and beat up his bicycle.

The photographer immediately headed to the police station to file his report. Wayne's camp has yet to respond to the charges.

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