Lenny Kravitz Suffers a Zip Slip While Performing In Sweden

Rocker accidentally exposes himself to unsuspecting audience.

Posted: 08/04/2015 07:27 PM EDT

After years of suffocating in tight pants, Lenny Kravitz's penis finally escaped from bondage on Tuesday, breaking through the body-molding leather trousers he wore on stage during a concert in Sweden and exposing itself to the crowd. The front row got quite an eyeful of Kravitz's business, and so far, nobody is complaining.

The zip slip occurred as Kravitz was clearly feeling himself during a guitar riff, dropping it so low that he split his pants. Though brief, the flash was caught on camera and swiftly turned into a GIF, brightening people's days across the Internet. Kravitz reportedly shuffled off stage immediately after the incident and changed his pants, later apologizing to the crowd. 

It was never really a mystery as to what Kravitz wore underneath his skin-tight pants, but now we know for sure. See all the goodness here and save the link for a rainy day.

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