Get A Sneak Peak Of Cam'ron's Reebok Collaboration

Get A Sneak Peak Of Cam'ron's Reebok Collaboration

This is looking like flames.

Published March 25, 2016

We’re still waiting on Cam’ron’s Purple Haze 2 album. Even so he’s still working on a few other things in preparation for his next musical release.

Taking to Instagram yesterday (March 24) Killa Cam revealed a sneak peak of his collaborative shoe with Reebok. While you can’t see anything beyond the inside sole, it looks exactly like you’d imagine a Cam’ron collabo shoe would. “The sole of this #PurpleHaze Sneaker is cray,” he captioned in the post. “#Reebok #420 #Fleeboks.”

The Harlem native posted a picture of the sneaker’s box last week. We still don’t know what it looks like in full but hopefully Cam will at least continue the hints because it looks fire. His self-titled Fleeboks drop on April 20, of course.

Check out a few pics Cam’ron’s unleashed about the shoe below.

(Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for SoundCTRL/Flash FWD)

Written by Paul Meara


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