Bring That Week Back: Darrien Hunt Shot 6 Times While Running

Plus, newspaper apologizes for slave ship cartoon.

What's Happening in Ferguson, Missouri?

Jury has until January to consider charging Darren Wilson.

Bill Cosby to Loan Art Collection to Smithsonian

The extensive collection has never been seen publicly.

Blind Swimmer Vivian Stancil Makes a Splash at Senior Olympics

The 67-year-old has won more than 150 medals.

Achieving Diversity in Police Departments No Easy Task, Experts Say

A few departments have made great strides.

Chicago Gun Violence: 2 Dead, 12 Wounded This Past Weekend

A 17-year-old boy was the youngest of the victims.

Mother Blames Race for Shooting of Son by Police

A woman has criticized Utah police for her son's death.

Michael Brown Family Asks Juvenile Record to Be Off Limits

Benjamin Crump: The facts around the case are sufficient.

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