Joseph Sledge Exonerated of 1976 Double Murder

North Carolina man freed after nearly 37 years in prison.

Bring That Week Back: Family of Kendrick Johnson Files Lawsuit

Plus, cop caught on camera tipping man out of wheelchair.

Allegheny DA Drops Remaining Charges Against Leon Ford Jr.

Ford was left paralyzed in 2012 after being shot by cops.

Twin Boys Left Mostly Alone for Months While Parents Abroad, Cops Say

Police say Ramen Noodles were the only food in home.

Where the Money Is: Best Cities for African-Americans

A look at locales where Blacks are finding the most success.

White Father Airs Out Racist Bullies Who Sent Snapchats to Black Daughter

Bradley Knudson recorded offensive content sent to daughter.

Oklahoma Pastors Wear Hoodies During Services to Protest Proposed Bill

Leaders argue the bill could intensify racial profiling.

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