Danny Oquendo Begins Law School; Wants to Advocate for Autistic Children

Avonte Oquendo's death motivated his brother to help others.

Texas Police Mistakenly Pull Over Woman, Four Children at Gunpoint

Kametra Barbour had her two children and two godchildren.

Juror: 'No One' Believed Wafer's Self-Defense Claim in McBride's Killing

Wafer's explanation changed which hurt him, juror says.

This Day in Black History: Aug. 27, 1963

W. E. B. Du Bois died in Ghana, West Africa.

Bring That Week Back: Views of Police Differ Widely by Race

Plus, mom of four mistakenly held at gunpoint.

Louisiana Coroner Claims Handcuffed Black Man Killed Himself in Police Car

The initial police statement contradicts the new report.

Michael Brown Shooting: Should Obama Do More?

Would Obama's presence make a difference in Ferguson?

What's Happening in Ferguson, Missouri?

10 bullets fired in alleged recording of Brown's shooting.

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