Rupert Murdoch Wants a 'Real Black President' Like Ben Carson

The billionaire apologized for his Twitter comments.

Journalist Sidmel Estes, First Woman President of NABJ, Dies at 60

Estes died from unknown illness in Atlanta Monday.

Family Attorney of Mohamed Bah Says NYPD Covered Up His Murder

The DOJ is being called to investigate the stagnant case.

Feds Order 6,000 Inmates Be Released From Prison This Month

Move is part of new sentencing guidelines for drug crimes.

Not Again: Marlene Pinnock Arrested on Same Freeway She Was Attacked on One Year Ago

Woman brutalized by officer finds trouble on 10 Freeway.

Transgender Woman Kiesha Johnson Shot and Killed in Philadelphia

22-year-old was shot twice in the back on Tuesday morning.

Friends, Family, Admirers Remember Bond in DC Memorial

Civil rights activist died in August at age 75.

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