Bree Newsome Speaks Out: 'I Did It Because I Am Free'

Activist gave a passionate statement to Blue Nation Review.

Families of Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham Call for 'Right to Know' Act

Proposed law requires officers to identify themselves.

Six Black Churches Have Burned in the South Since the Charleston Massacre

Investigators are looking into the recent fires.

KKK Packets Left on Lawns of Neighborhood Shocked These Residents

The propaganda was found in a town called Whittier, Calif.

New Plaque Marks Spot of Wall Street Slave Market

Mayor Bill de Blasio honors slaves at dedication ceremony.

Episcopal Church Elects Michael Curry to Presiding Bishop

Installment announced for first African-American to lead.

Two Activists Face Charges for Flag

Bree Newsome, James Tyson could get three years in jail.

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